Can Good Posture Help You Lose Weight? Know The Right Thing

BY Nga Luu
Can Good Posture Help You Lose Weight

Remaining in a good posture has incredible health benefits that you have never imagined before. You will have benefits like a good respiratory system, healthier lungs, better digestion, better sleep, and many more. But can good posture help you lose weight?

While it may seem like an unlikely connection, we found that your posture can significantly impact your weight as well. You can lose extra pounds if you maintain a good posture.

So, today, we will look into how that works and what you can do to utilize your posture to lose weight.

Does Posture Affect Weight?

Believe it or not, you can effectively lose weight when you maintain a good posture. Your posture and weight loss journey is indirectly connected. You will improve your overall health which will increase your metabolic rate.

When your body goes through an increased metabolism, you will automatically burn more calories. Therefore, you can lose those extra pounds through this.

Your body puts most of the pressure on your lower back and belly whenever you sit or stand with poor posture.

It affects the whole digestion system making your stomach protrude. That’s why it affects the metabolism, so your body fails to process food efficiently.

Besides, a good posture means your muscles are working correctly, so the nutrients will be used all over your body. The more muscle activity you have, the more calories you can burn.

So, eventually, there will be no fat to sit on your body to increase weight.

On the other hand, when your body alignment is perfectly fine, you tend to distribute your weight evenly. It also improves the metabolism while engaging all the core muscles in work.

As a result, the muscles get toned, maintaining physical fitness and reducing your body fats.

Does Losing Weight Improve Posture?

The short answer to this question is yes, losing weight can improve your posture.

When you are overweight, you put a significant amount of strain on your muscles and joints. It can cause poor posture as you cannot deal with the weight due to the fatigue that it causes.

Another reason is our center of gravity shifts when we have excess weight.

As a result, our body adjusts to keep up with the change by changing our posture. It can lead us to slouch and lean forward, causing a poor posture.

Besides, having a poor posture can weaken the muscles causing a poor posture.

As the muscles become inactive, we adapt to an unhealthy sitting or standing position rather than ensuring alignment.

It's important to note that you cannot expect good posture only if you reduce your weight.

You need to engage in regular physical activities and use proper measures consistently to improve your posture.

How Can Good Posture Help You Lose Weight - 6 Reasons You Must Know

Although good posture isn’t directly connected to your weight loss, it can indirectly support your efforts. Here are 6 ways that good posture can help with weight loss:

1. Improved breathing

With good posture, you can allow your lungs to expand fully. As a result, you will get more oxygen inside your body, leading to burning more calories quickly.

2. Boosted energy

You can reduce your body fatigue, ensuring better circulation in your body. When you are feeling energetic, you can take part in more physical activity and burn calories.

3. Better digestion

A good posture effectively improves your digestion, making your metabolism better than before.

It results in improved nutrient absorption and prevents bloating. This benefits you by burning more calories while reducing overeating.

4. More muscle engagement

When you ensure the right alignment, your body’s inactive muscles will get into the work. This helps to boost your overall activity and helps you burn more calories.

5. Reduced stress

It is proven that stress can lead you to eat more, making you gain excess weight. But a good posture can reduce stress while decreasing stress-related eating.

6. Better sleep

A lack of sleep can act as a cruel factor in your weight gain. When you have a good posture, it initiates better sleep. As a result, the routine helps to keep you fit at the right weight.

Are There Any Exercises That Can Help Your Posture And Lose Weight?

Yes, multiple exercises can help improve posture and take part in weight loss. Here are some of them:

Wall Angels:

  • Stand and keep your back against a wall while putting your arms at your sides
  • Now slowly lift your arms and form a "Y" shape
  • Then lower your arms back down and repeat the steps 10-12 times


  • Place your forearms on the ground
  • Your elbows will be directly under your shoulders
  • Now stay in this position for as long as you can; the least is 30 seconds

Bird Dog:

  • Take a position on all fours
  • Now elevate your right arm and left leg out
  • Keep the arm and leg straight and hold for a while
  • Now switch sides and keep on doing the steps

Cat-Cow Stretch:

  • Take a position on all fours
  • Inhale and hold your breath while arching your back
  • Now exhale and round your spine while bringing your chin to your chest

How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits Of Good Posture On Weight Loss?

There is no specific timeline to see the benefits of using your good posture to get good weight loss.

If you ensure consistency, you will see the results soon. However, it’s better not to rely on your posture only when it comes to weight loss.

Maintaining a good posture is like an additional aid when it comes to weight loss. But if you put in the adequate effort, you can see a change in no time.

However, you will notice a drastic change if you combine your weight loss journey with several things like a balanced diet and regular exercise, including a good posture.

Can Using Posture Correcting Devices Or Braces Help With Weight Loss?

Posture-correcting devices or braces can improve posture and alleviate pain. But as we said before, you can’t solely depend on this to reduce your weight.

You can combine this with your balanced diet and exercise to see a change soon.

However, some experts suggest that wearing a posture brace or device may help promote a more healthy lifestyle. As you get a healthy lifestyle, it will indirectly lead to weight loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does posture affect fat distribution?

While good posture alone cannot change where your body stores fat, poor posture can add to the effects.

When you have a poor posture, you may unknowingly gather more fat in your body’s specific areas.

For example, if you are slouching or hunching over, you may accumulate more fat in your abdominal area.

Does posture affect belly fat?

Although posture does not directly affect belly fat, poor posture can cause your belly fat to accumulate in one area.

It causes your belly to protrude forward, which gives the impression that you have a bigger belly.

Does losing weight fix posture?

No, it may improve your posture, but it doesn’t completely fix posture. Excess body weight can cause muscle imbalances while causing your body to slouch.

As a result, it impacts your posture and overall body fitness. But you can do specific posture-correcting exercises to lose weight and improve your posture at the same time.

Can I use a good posture to reduce belly fat?

A good posture cannot directly reduce belly fat. However, maintaining good posture can keep your body in the right alignment which aids to control your belly fat accumulation.

Also, the improved circulation and digestion due to your good posture can lead to better nutrient absorption and waste removal.

Does good posture make you look less fat?

Yes, maintaining a good posture can make you look less fat. A good posture lets you keep your alignment right which helps you look thinner. Also, it can make an impression that you are toned and fit.

Calling It Off

Your good posture and weight loss journey are indirectly correlated. So, if you ask can good posture helps you lose weight, we must answer with an affirmative response.

However, there is more to this as posture cannot help you reduce your weight alone. So, remember the given factors and work accordingly to get the best outcomes.

Nga Luu


Nga Luu is the Director of Product Development at Cayatch Posture Corrector. With a background as a former physical therapist and medical writer, she possesses extensive expertise within the posture health sector, solidifying her as a recognized authority in the field. As a writer, Nga covers a wide range of topics like physical therapy, medical devices, medical practices, wellness, and more.

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