5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Can Improve Core and Posture

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Losing weight is among everyone’s wish list content year in, year out. But why do you need to think about toning your weight? It would help if you understood how a reduced weight could improve your core and posture. It also allows flexibility, which is essential for all body wellness.

The following five reasons will help you realize how to loosen the extra weight and how having that excess fat cut off will help your flexibility and improve posture and spine wellness. More so, you will understand why an athletic body is essential to your health and how to have such a body.

Making a wise and conscious decision for your body will give you the courage and confidence you need and deal with embarrassments. It always feels bad when having friends around, and all you need is an athletic body you don’t own. Therefore, here is a way to gain that body you deserve.  

1. Belly Fat Doesn’t Work with Abdominal Muscles

Firstly, you should know how abdominals work to support your body and provide the flexibility you deserve. Check out here and be informed. You will understand why having a ton of excess fat cut off is crucial.

The body has an inward expansion and contraction of body muscles towards the body organ. Hence, giving a muscular corset.

Fat is majorly stored inside just below the skin adjacent to body organs. So, what happens when you try flexing your muscles? They are prevented from either expanding or contracting. It hence reduces your flexibility and as much your posture.

There will be no space left for the muscles to expand, and hence, there are improper movements in the body. More so, your stability will be compromised.

Therefore, are you good with belly fat? You may be, but you won’t have a well-functioning body. Not to their best ability. It, in turn, leaves your body vulnerable to back and abdominal pains.

2. Healthy Spines Need to Bend

It would help if you had a flexible spine that can turn in all directions (front, back sideways, and twisting).

Having excess fats in your abdomen prevents that flexibility. It primarily prevents your spine from bending forward. We expect to lean forward to perform several activities, e.g., picking up kids, gardening, putting on shoes, and attending to chores. Hence, the need for a flexible spine.

Combining the flexible spine and abdominal muscles helps free movement to perform different activities without pain in your muscles, hence the safety of body organs.

If having a problem performing these activities, you should assess your weight and see if you have extra fat. They are preventing your muscles, and hence you need them cut off. Failure to do so may lead to long-term health compromise and lousy posture.

3. Below the Waist…Hips, Knees, and Feet

Our bodies have many issues that must be dealt with from time to time. We mainly experience back pain. But hip, knee, and foot pains are not always discussed. You have seen people have degeneration of hip and knees and commonly of plantar fasciitis on their feet.

Can all this be due to being overweight? Sure, it is. Much is happening in these muscles and joints that need medical intervention as they are unpreventable. But being overweight won’t help deal with the issues.

Assuming you have a car jammed with heavy camping gear. Loading it with large weighted loads may lead to the failure of shock absorbers, right? The more you increase the equipment, your undercarriage and tires groan with pressure, and the car’s efficiency is lowered. You will, in turn, feel every bump on the road.

The experience would be worse for an old unlooked vehicle. The same happens to your hips, knees, and feet. They should be in a state of balance.

Adding extra weight to them may lead to an imbalance. It hence leads to the pains you feel in the joints and muscles, which prevent movements. It may even lead to unforeseen health problems.

4. Fight Gravity

You are under the impact of gravity 24/7, but you don’t feel due to adoption. There is a huge impact it has on your body.

Robust, functional postural muscles are essential as they work against gravity. They elongate and lengthen your spine and align you upright. This can be done through the Pilates method. It elongates and strengthens your spine giving you that straight and upright posture.

Being overweight, drag your body towards the ground due to gravity. Hence, cutting off extra weight is crucial.

Attempt and know the idea here. Try caring 50-10Kgs in front or behind you. What do you feel? Can you stand the weight in an upright position for a longer time? You can’t. That’s precisely what happens when you are overweight. Your body won’t be in a place to stay upright.

Therefore, reducing the weight will make you stand upright and have that excellent posture. More so, low weight helps you overcome continuous pains in muscles and joints as there is less pressure on them.

5. Being Overweight Can Contribute to Joint and Muscle Stiffness

People have different levels of flexibility. You may have seen people who can touch their toes without strain or have no stress. Some even don’t need any flexibility to work out to do this. But if you cannot do so and have issues with joint flexibility and muscles tightness, being overweight won’t be helpful.

Therefore, why should we be flexible? Are you still stuck on the question? We need flexibility as our body needs to experience a full range of muscle movement to perform its activities effectively. More so, flexibility is essential for joint health.

The above reasons give an insight into how inflexibility is created in the body, but what is essential is to understand that being overweight restrict muscle and joint movements hence making them rusty, which degenerates them and become prone to injury.

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